Simple Ways To Have A Happier Cycle


Men you can read this too, so you can be of great assistance to Bae and your daughters.

Yes Ladies, we all adore that time of month when our visitor arrives.  She comes in a timely manner or she shows up unannounced. Not only does she show up, but she can bring cramps, moodiness, heavy bleeding and cravings.  Some of us experience one or more of these symptoms sometime in our lives or all of them at once.  Some women view their periods/menstrual cycles/moon cycles/our little red friend or as a “pain in the ass”. Having a cycle is one of the most powerful things a woman possesses. It you experience any  discomforts that leave you highly bothered during your cycle you might want to explore getting to the root of it all.

So what are you eating?
Our diets and lifestyles are a DIRECT reflection of our cycle.  When the diet is mainly meats and fried foods instead of fresh fruits and vegetables, our bodies suffer.  Consuming a diet that mainly neglects fresh fruits and vegetables promotes a depressing cycle time. These foods make cycles longer, heavier and keeps on giving the gift of cramps! During our cycle we lose important sources in our body, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, etc. When these sources are low in the body we may feel light headed, clot more blood and feel energy depleted

Foods High in Zinc: Shellfish, Pecans, Oats, Lentils, Pumpkin Seeds, Mushroom, Cashews, etc.

Foods High in Magnesium: Cacao/Dark Chocolate (that’s where those cravings come from), Pine Nuts, Brazil Nuts, Okra, Spinach,  Sunflower Seeds, Avocado, etc.

Foods High in Iron: Beans, Dark Leafy Greens, Lentils, Legumes, Quinoa, Salmon, Tuna, Tomato, Lemon, Guava, Broccoli, Dates, Apricots, Cashews, Almonds, etc.

Go to the grocery store and take matters into your own hands.

I don’t know about you but I love a stress free cycle. Eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables (particularly dark leafy greens, kale, dandelion greens, spinach, arugula) daily, reducing meat and dairy consumption will improve your cycle tremendously. I have experienced the difference for myself and I must say it is BEAUTIFUL! I have made sure to consume these foods (in the form of salads and bean dishes) at least 5-7 days before my cycles arrives and during. The results were my cycles, shorter, lighter and cramp free 😊 I also consume the herbs red raspberry leaf, alfalfa and consume wheatgrass as well. The more nutrients the better!!! Remember water intake is a very important as well, it assists with flushing toxins out of the body. I challenge you to try taking matters into your own hands for a couple of months and let me know how it turns out for you. 

Also remember intense cycles may also be caused due to stress, mother issues, unresolved traumas that involved the womb and other sacral chakra imbalances. Your womb is also an indicator of what’s going on emotionally.

Wishing everyone a happy cycle 😊


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