Sacral Chakra: Expressing Your Inner Flow

Keywords: Feelings, Creativity, Flow, Water, Womb, Expression, Sensuality, Passion, Sexual Energy etc.

The sacral chakra is our powerhouse of creativity and it's associated with the color orange! It's where we birth our ideas, dreams, babies, emotions, liberations, sexual experiences and manifestations. From my studies, I've read that the  energy of this chakra starts to develop and form between 6 months to 3 years old. This is the time where you learn about healthily processing your feelings and the way you express them. It is also a time where you develop compassion/sympathy for self, others and programmed subconsciously to believe if what you're expressing is "right" or "wrong".

Take a moment to reflect on how you expressed  yourself when you were younger. Were you a crier? Did you scream and shout? Were you a person that spoke there mind?  Did you move to the beat of your own drum?  Were you the most vibrant person in the room, while everyone else was reserved? In the midst of these early stages of development, how did people react to your emotions and expressions. Did they make you feel like you were too much or overly emotional? If so, any negative response to who you were created started to create blocks in your sacral chakra. 

Your feelings matter, stop holding them in before it creates physical chaos in the body.

Emotional highs and lows are normal, it's how you process them is what matters.  If you're a person that uses your emotions for destruction, then you might want to explore other ways to transform them into something that's healing for you.

The element of water is connected with this chakra, so whenever you were stopped at any point in your expressions, it stopped your natural flow of being who you are.  Repression stunts your growth.

Another reason why I love and work on this chakra so much is because it's connected to the womb. It's literally a woman's powerhouse, it's where she creates, attracts and magnetize. When a woman is sitting and owning her sacral energy, she doesn't go out and make things happen, she attracts them to her.  The sacral is also connected to sexual energy. This energy center has an emotional memory bank, so whatever first impressions you had when it came to your sexual experiences, you can find the root of it here. Up until recently and in very special cases when it came to a person expressing themselves sensually or sexually it was looked down upon, forced to be repressed and looked up as some taboo experience. That is when repression, guilt and shame come into play. When those three emotions are present it forces an individual to hide and to not fully accept who they are as a person which in turn causes them to shield themselves from having experiences that feeds their passions and stimulates their pleasures. More than likely if you've experience any of this, it probably has effected your sex life in some type of way, whether that's not feeling comfortable, experiencing orgasms or feeling emotionally connected during intimacy.

In the physical body, the sacral represents the ovaries, testes, bladder, prostate, bowel, and spleen. If you notice any imbalances in these areas, you may want to start balancing out your sacral chakra. 

Simple ways to balance your sacral chakra: hip movements through dancing, taking baths, being near salt waters, drinking more water, getting your creative dreams into the physical, self massage, exploring and finding your pleasure points, releasing guilt, embracing your emotions, healing sexual traumas, etc.


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  • How can I balance my chakras? My root chakra is blocked, I am just now learning about them in depth.

    Natasha Taylor

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