Testimonials.....What's the tea on the Imani Allen Collective?

I had a reading with Imani after having a bad experience with a reader who ranted about herself rather than providing the insight I was seeking. I immediately reached out to Imani after stumbling across one of her reading related post (universe aligning). I was able to book a 60 minute reading with her the next day. I had asked Imani prior to the reading what decks she uses and she told me it is a personalized one that she created. Boy was I skeptical now especially after paying a previous reader and being dissatisfied. The beginning of my reading with her was unlike anything I ever experienced, she shuffled my cards, asked me when to stop and interpreted their meanings in relation to my life, not once did she ask me to clarify or expand on what she was saying. She brought things up that only God, my ancestors and guides could share with her. After about 45 mins or so she stopped delivering messages and insight and asked if I had any questions. Of course I did, she was able to answer everything I was curious about. I left that ready feel refreshed, light and renewed. I have seen things she has spoken about come to light. Imani is truly talented in what she does, different from other readers in her approach but definitely gifted and knowledgeable. She is very sweet, professional and warm on the phone. You will feel like you are speaking to a long time friend. She has found a client in me for life. Book her it is worth it!
Keri, Twenty fioneeeeeee, BK, NY
I have purchased several products from Imani including energy reports, jupiter baths, yoni steams, etc. Imani has always been very easy to communicate with and I have gained a great deal of knowledge about myself and how to strengthen my spirituality from her energy reports. I also adore the Salt Surprises! I had a friend that would share with me how she felt like she was being attacked by people with bad energy and she wanted to protect herself. As soon as I read the description for the Protected Piece bath salt, I knew it was the perfect gift for a friend in need. The pre-order process was very smooth as always and my friend was ecstatic to receive her gift in the mail ☺ I would highly recommend supporting this amazing sister!
Chloe, 30, Shaker Heights, OH
I've been knowing Imani since I was about 8 years old maybe younger. I feel this makes her services to me so much more special. I frequent Imani services often I even have her added into my budget lol. I began this spiritual journey alone about two years ago and when I found out Imani was gifted and offered services that I needed I jumped at the opportunity. She has been helping me get my ish together for about a year now. I have had spiritual baths, partaken in webinars, and subscribe to her monthly energy reports. She is so full of life, wisdoms and realness. I appreciate her “say it how is” approach because it’s exactly what I need to hear EVERY TIME! Her recommendations and teachings keep me motivated and flowing freely along my journey. She is the bomb!!!
MaToya Simmons, 30, Cleveland, OH
What was going on in your life before you utilized my products or services? Originally I needed help with meditation I was not really sure how.
What brought you to my site?  I was referred by someone that previously had services.
Why did you book a session? Imani had a great vibe when I connected with her prior to her services and I thought she would be great with assisting me with meditation and from there I have received energy reports.
What your experience with my services/products and what did you gain? I was blown away with the accuracy she provides, she picked up on things that I was either doing or thinking of doing and that confirmed I was on the right track
Would you recommend the service/product to someone else?  I have recommended others to her and they agree that she is amazing!  Yes, I will continue to recommend her services to anyone seeking these services!  Thank you for sharing your gifts  with us!!
Rain M., 37, Dacula, GA
I have purchased several products from Imani, yoni steams, energy readings, guided group meditation, individual meditation, etc. My readings have ALWAYS been spot on and eye opening - often in alignment with what I was feeling. Imani has taught me how to go back to my center, being still and quiet and just loving myself. I periodically send her messages thanking her for her wisdom and gifts - and sharing them with us. She has helped me through some situations that could have had life changing results. I love her spirit and the fact that she even lets me know that i don't control anything! She provides me with tools to take care of better care of myself.  She is the real deal - grateful for IMANI! 
Donnella, 41, Cleveland Ohio
I have been receiving all types of services from Imani for about a year. I often did the guided meditations when I was experiencing extreme anxiety/panic attacks. I was looking for some clarity and guidance about decisions I needed to make to help relieve some of my worry. Every time we ended a session I had tons of questions and she was always willing to answer. Before I started on this spiritual awakening, I had never meditated before. I didn't know what I was doing and my 1st session I wasted my money I could not relax, focus, I started trying to have  conversations, only me. The next time, with her patience and insight I was able to focus. I also participated in the group meditation ciphers. With the face to face I was able to really dig deep and project my energy and receive all the messages that were intended for me. It was on a whole other level. I am grateful we met so long ago, I stalk her whole life ! I'm lucky to have her wisdom and her keen senses! She told he to keep doing what I was doing and it would manifest itself, and it did. 1 year later I'm on the path she said I would be on. She's stuck with me ! 
Samantha, 30, Cleveland, Ohio
I went back and forth for months on deciding if I should get an energy report from Imani. I’m not gone lie I was scared thinking, What is it going to say? What if she tell me something I don’t want to hear? What if she tell me something I NEED to hear?  One day it was on my mind really heavy and I just went ahead ordered my first energy report.  When the report came in I was sitting at my desk at work and when I began reading it the tears just begin to flow. I was like how do she know all this? I never told anyone this. The energy report brought so many things to light and help me to let go of things I had been holding on to for years. I eventually got two more reports and  again they were on point. So on point that one brought me an tremendous amount of joy and happiness and I’m still in awe. I was so in shock of what the report revealed and what was in report happened exactly like she wrote it pretty much. Imani has been blessed with this God given gift and I’m so happy that I followed my heart and mind to get my report because they have really been helping on my spiritual journey and helped to be more in tune with self. I also went to one of her meditation cyphers and that was so eye opening and such an amazing experience. I'm always telling people about her gift. Imani is the bomb and I’m so happy to call her my cousin.
Brandi, 36, South Euclid, Ohio
I am so grateful for Imani and her readings. First, I am extremely intuitive and very sensitive to energy so I can sense great readers. Imani is always on point with what she shares from my reading. She is a great visionary and sees what she speaks. She gives me the insight I need to continue with certain moves on my path or things that need to be implemented. I love that she used her own deck thus giving me divinely channeled messages via her own symbols. Every one needs a gifted reader whom can interpret the invisible realm. The Pharoah's in Kemet had them and I'm grateful to have connected to Imani so she can interpret those energies that are unclear so I can remove any unnecessary numbs in the road. Thank you for following your calling Imani. 
 Ameera Muhammad, Ageless, Sherman Oaks, CA @chefameera
I haveeeeeeee to exclaim that my reading with Imani was ASTOUNDING. She was sooooooooooooooo on point with everything that she said. She literally confirmed that the affirmations I use are embedding into the universe to soon become my reality. She also saw a lot of things for me that I have been to cloudy to see. She knew things that I had not shared with her. Do yourself a favor and get the 60 minute reading. Its not enough to do 30 minutes. I cherished our time talking and she felt soooooooo cozy. I recommend buying a consultation with her as soon as possible.
Lori Price, 30, Fontana, CA, Owner & Creator of Derm Appetit