Why You Must Move Emotions Out of the Body

Why You Must Move Emotions Out


Old, hurtful and stagnant emotions have the potential to make you sick.

Emotions are simply energy in motion. Some things you feel strongly about and some you don't.  Today, we’re starting to see changes in people’s perceptions of emotions, but we still exist in a society where “being in your feelings” is looked upon as an inconvenience or a sign of weakness.  Reality is, any emotion outside of joy or happiness is barely tolerated and seldom embraced. Anger, resentment, pain, hurt, sadness, trauma are expected to be kept to yourself and placed neatly into pockets of your soul.  When these emotions are stored and not properly processed or expressed it can develop into the following, dis-eases in the body, barriers in relationships, emotional spazzing with no resolution, a disconnect from self, unidentified fears, and the list goes on.  The deeper unresolved emotions, the deeper the issue presents itself in your day-to-day life and you feel like you've lost control.  There are many emotions that are stored in our spiritual body and DNA. At times the unexplained emotions and trauma we have are those of our parents, grandparents, ancestors and so on because they are us and we are them.  Yes! You store the pain from those before you and in your environment.    Your DNA and spirit is a memory bank, your ancestors emotions and traumas are still effecting you to this day if you never worked on them.   That's why energetic hygiene is a MUST. Self-work is a MUST.  Having uncomfortable talks with yourself is a MUST.  Once you come into this awareness and actively get into clearing yourself, there is a rewriting of the DNA that takes place. This balances out your self-healing, those before you and those that will be born after.

Just like you monitor your money, food and goals you need to accomplish, the same initiative needs to be taken when it comes to your emotions.  It's so easy to tell yourself the same story over and over again.  Being the victim seems to be more comfortable than rewiring how you feel and processing emotions.  It seems like it's common sense, but people try to out run themselves instead of stepping into their shadows everyday.

Don't get me wrong, I think emotions are a beautiful thing, but when they're held so tightly and not allowed to pass they cause disruption.  The key is to feel the emotions. Don't let them drown you into a state of stagnancy.  One of the reasons I love reiki and meditation so much is because they’re powerful tools that assist in releasing the deep emotions that we unconsciously desire to hang on to.  It's not always about fairies and zen, some sessions will pull some old deep shit up out of you, leaving you exhausted.  That's ok though, because the work got done.

Stagnant emotions have been connected to physical imbalances.   These are some of the common aches, pain, diseases and the emotions that are related to them:

Back pain- fear, defeated, instability.

High Blood Pressure-anger (mostly from childhood).

Womb Issues-emotions tied to our mother, mothering, motherhood and shame.

Male Reproductive Issues-not feeling able to provide, protect and secure stability.

Heart Issues-feeling of not being love, nurtured, heartache, broken heart

Digestion-feelings of needing to control everything and not go with the flow of life

Shoulder/Arm Discomfort-feeling the need to carry the emotional burden of others

Cancers-resentments and grudges

Auto Immune-overly critical of one’s self

Kidney Issues-fear, lack of life source

Liver Issues-unresolved anger


How can these emotions be released?

Old emotions can be released from the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional body by:

-making the conscious decision to not become the "forever victim" to trauma.

-talking with a counselor or spiritual advisor

-journaling, writing or channeling that energy into something creative


-Akashic Records, past life healings, DNA or Ancestral Clearings



-expressing yourself and having those tough conversations

-finding a solution and taking those steps to make it happen


-asking family members questions that don't like to speak on to gain a  better understanding of family emotional patterns, habits and cycles

Release what needs to be released and be gentle with yourself.  Remember that it took years to develop these patterns and it WILL take some time to release them.  Healing doesn’t happen overnight.

*I'm not a doctor, call your healthcare professional if you're concerned about your well-being.


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