Why Me? A Pep Talk for the People

Why not you?

You're deserving and it's your divine right to receive.

As a collective we think that we aren't deserving, so we don't ask or even hold the vision for ourselves of being our greatest selves.

Who lied to you? It's all a lie!

You deserve what you desire. You deserve your dream life. You deserve the love of your life, partnership and mind blowing sex. You deserve to take time to rest, even if you didn't "work hard". You deserve lots of money, amazing vacations and a careers that fill you up. You deserve creative time to explore your inner child. You deserve personal quiet time away from the world to just be. You deserve to smile and laugh loud. You deserve the finest fresh foods you can imagine. You deserve some bomb ass house decor and dinner guest on the regular. The only thing that is blocking you from getting it is your mindset.

Think mediocre, attract mediocre.
Think big and grand, attract the big and grand.

This may take some time because so many people along with society has poisoned us into believing we can't have anything.

Journal Flow: Who told you that you didn't deserve anything? Were they right and how did that effect your progress in life?

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