Eclipses, Chiropractors and Releasing Rituals

In my Lauryn Hill voice *Ready or Not, Here I Come, You Can't Hide, Gonna Find You and Take it Slowly*

The energy of eclipses are powerful.  I was told that's when the sun, moon and earth are in alignment.  You know what that made me think of? The chiropractor.  Chiropractors focus on getting your spine aligned and into balance because when it isn't you can experience everything from knee discomfort, colon issues, sinuses, etc. Imagine walking around for years with piss poor posture and you get that first alignment hearing that first crack. It feels weird and uncomfortable at first and if you're like me, you might say,

"Oh shit, I saw my life flash before my eyes." 

Even though it feels uncomfortable, you start to notice changes immediately.

That's kind of what an eclipse feels like and the effects can last for up to 6 months.  

The things that aren't aligned with your spirit the eclipse will literally CLIP and SNIP it away without your permission.  The CLIP and SNIP are preparations to get you in position for things are rightfully yours and to correct yourself in certain situations.  Just remember "As above, so below."  We're connected to each other and to this Universe in more ways than one.  There will be lots of endings that will be taking place. Don't try to brace and prepare yourself because that's no fun lol.  

Toast to the endings to make room for new beginnings.

With all that being said........Are you ready for the lunar eclipse in Aquarius this Friday?

From what I've been reading, this is suppose to be the longest eclipse in centuries, lasting one hour and 43 minutes.  What in the hell?!  It's some major changes ahead.  If you want to get a little deeper into it, you can pull your birthchart and see what house Aquarius falls in. It looks like mines will take place in my 3rd house, the house of communication. LAWD, so my messages will probably have a new type of delivery or energy to them in the next couple of months.  Gotta love change, right?  If birthcharts are foreign to you, I'll be providing a list of astrologers at the end of the post who you can give you some insight.

What can you do with this eclipse energy? 

Tap in Boo, tap in. 

Since this is a super full moon, full moons are best for RELEASING.  How can we ask for new things with old things still crowding out minds, physical places and unnecessary people in out spaces?  

I challenge you to create your own ritual or practice for the full moon.  The more intentional you are the better.  If you don't believe in your own personal power to make shit move, then you can stop reading now.

Below are some simple tips for a full moon ritual.  Get creative as you like and cater it to your liking:

-Clear yourself with Palos Santos or Sage (if you use sage, make sure you burn something sweet and meaningful immediately afterwards.  This can be an incense/palos santos/sweetgrass/etc.)  I would even suggest taking a salt bath to clear your aura or energy.

-Set your intention of what you'll be releasing.

-Release (you can do this by journaling, meditation, lighting a candle, dancing, throwing away a list of things you want to shed in the garbage, water, fire, etc.)

-Welcome in the intention of what you're desiring to receive (you can use the same type of practice you did for releasing).

-Close the ritual with a prayer of protection, affirmation, instrumental sounds, etc. 

Don't make it complicated.

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  • I’m still new to this but the blog helped clarify a lot of things. New moon means new opportunity, change, and releases no matter how difficult they can be.


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