What Are Chakras? Why Should I Care?

Chakras are energy "wheels"/centers throughout the subtle (unseen but felt) body.  Even though they can't be seen by most with the physical eye they're connected to the physical and emotional aspects of a person. Each chakra is connected to an emotion, organ, color, personal development, crystal, herbs, foods, scents, etc. Even though they're over 100 chakras in the body, in the U.S. seven chakras are the main focus at the time.  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras are what people tend to work on first before they can move on to the higher chakras.

What's the big fuss?

The big fuss about chakras is that people aim to have them "balanced". The interesting part that people forget to tell you is that your chakras are always spinning at different speeds depending on the situation and what may have happed during the day. When the chakras are spinning at a noticeably slower pace or not moving at all, it will cause an eyebrow to raise. I remember a few year ago I was getting reiki from my sista friend practitioner and she said my heart chakra was flipped inside out. I actually felt her flip it and we both were like "What the hell? That was interesting," at the end of the session.  The intention is to have all your chakras flowing in a nice circular rhythm (as opposed to inside out) because all of them work in harmony with each other. If you've experienced any  constant blockages in your life in certain areas, that may be an indication of a chakra needing some TLC and a tune up.

Throughout the following weeks we will be highlighting each chakra, practical and nonpractical ways to balance them.  If you want to see how your chakras are doing, you can take this CHAKRA TEST and get a snapshot of how your energy centers are currently flowing. Be honest with your answers!

The next blog pot, we'll start with the Root Chakra. 

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