Spirits are a Natural Way of Life

I like the unseen forces and energy, what can I say? I'm a Super Scorpio and Scorpios loooove the unseen mystical world, we like to live and explore beneath the surface.

I get great joy from connecting/paying attention to the spiritual world.  Spirits aren't going anywhere, we're all spirits and when you disconnect from spirit you disconnect from SELF.  They're often referred to as Angels, Spirits, Guides, Imaginary Friends (for children), energies, etc.

Where do Spirits come from?

We each have a spiritual soul essence that makes up the fiber of our being. We are more than just arm, legs, hair, head and feet.  Our spirit is what makes us EXIST. Whenever someone passes on into the next stage of life , we still feel their spirit because the spirit never dies.  Our spirits are always in tune with other spirits whether we are aware of not.

Spirits make themselves known in ways which we can understand.  Some spirits may communicate with you by showing you the same number patterns repeatedly, these are referred to as angel numbers.  I have known some spirits to move freely in the house and make noise while doing so. Some energies you can just feel in the room and it may be complicated to explain what is going on  but at times it feels right and at times it can feel "off".  But make sure it's an OFF feeling and not just you being fearful.  When you feel the "off" energy then get them up out your space immediately!  You can do this with sage (make sure you burn something sweet afterwards), palos santos, bells, chimes or just clapping them hands real hard and loud.

In my opinion, I think this is one of the areas that we lack as a people when it comes to acknowledging and respecting the spirit world. We dismiss it as “scary” or “creepy”. Spirit guides are here to help us fulfill our purpose, lead us to a certain direction and comfort us in trying times. It is a relationship that we seem to put to the back burner.  The next time you need help, try asking your spirit guide to show you some signs. Spirits are our are friends and FAMILY 🙂 It’s nothing to think too deep about just acknowledge that you see them.

Whenever I hear or feel spirits I usually:

-smile or do a double take

-mentally acknowledge and listen

-ask them what do they need me to do

-tell them to stop making noises….lol (I usually pay attention to the loud noises and get in formation)

-pay attention to what is going on around me and what type of thoughts are going through my head

I see spirts from time to time, it's no secret. They definitely talk to me, especially when I do energy reports/readings.  I also had a few family members that have passed on run up on me and dropped a line or two.  It didn't really bother me, but at first there were some "oh shit" moments.

I remember when I made a Facebook post about spirits, it was interesting to see how many of us have experiences and how many of us get a little spooked out.  I was really intrigued by the responses and excited.  Indigenous people from all over the world have always incorporated the unseen into their culture and we're over here collectively scared as shit. LMAO.

This really tickled me because people will always say "that baby has an old soul", "he's been here before", "you act just like Auntie so and so when she was alive." 

These aren't just sayings, they hold heavy weight.  Hell, I know I've been here a few times, soul be feeling real ancient some days (cues Teena Marie "Deja Vu").  But we'll save the reincarnation/past lives talk for another day. 

We're all connected, even in different realms of existence.


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