Solar Plexus: Willpower & Identity

Keywords: Empowerment, Self-Esteem, Manifestation, Willpower, Energy, Drive, Focus, Success, Faith

The solar plexus is known as the “powerhouse”! The color yellow, the Sun and the fire element is associated with this chakra. This chakra starts to develop between the ages of 14-21. The solar plexus is where we start to mold and solidify our self-identity.  If you remember this time of your life it is where you really started to explore who were as a person and you may have had periods of rebellion during this quest.  It is also the place where we tap into the power of believing in ourselves. If you find yourself being stagnant, always procrastinating, failing to complete tasks or talking yourself out of your dreams. Your solar plexus may be out of wack!  

This is the energy center of getting shit done!

This is the chakra where we gather what we learned growing up (root chakra) and how we feel about ourselves (sacral chakra) to produce results in our life. This is where our internal beliefs produce (or not) tangible results.  That’s why this chakra is often associated with manifestation.  Just as the sacral chakra is closely tied to women, the solar plexus is closely tied to men.

The organs and emotions associated with this chakra is the digestive system, pancreas, liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, anger, beliefs, judgements, etc. Take inventory of these areas and those that you have close relationships with and ask them are they storing any anger. You can even take it a step further and analyze your habits, addictions and do a self-check with how you feel about your confidence.

Solar Plexus Reflection Questions:

How do you process life?

Were you overly praised or not praised enough?

Do you live for yourself or others?

Do you stand up for what you truly believe in?

Are you emotionally stable within yourself or do you try to control or overpower others due to lack of feeling grounded in self?

Do you start projects and leave them hanging? 

Simple way to balance out your solar plexus energy:

Eat more yellow foods and herbs that nourish the kidney and liver (burdock and dandelion leaf are my favorites), yoga, martial arts, therapy, hyping yourself up with affirmations, releasing “can’t” from your subconscious, believing in yourself (this may take some time, but what’s the rush), and try a life coach or self empowerment courses. Exercise all options.

Being that this was one of the first chakras I worked deeply on, I will honestly say that it does take time, patience and surrounding yourself around the right people. I challenged myself to get out of comfort zones, worked with solar plexus stones, received consistent reiki sessions, meditated on self-empowerment with a yellow 7-day candle and took note of how I felt when I experienced any digestive issues. I still work on this chakra today, because maintenance is importance and I still have moments where I chill too hard when it comes to getting certain things done.

Sending solar plexus healing vibes~



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