This isn’t a cute “YOU CAN DO IT” type of post……

Goals. Dreams. Visions.

We all have them. The truth is, if you’re not willing to work hard then they will remain just that.  Waiting on someone to stroke your ego, hold your hand or just create your dream for you is just absolutely stupid. Come on now!

Some people just like to play the blame game. It is really the lack of self-motivation, dedication and the occasional self-evaluating. Imbalances is these areas can cause us to remain stagnant in manifesting a dream:


No one is going to build your dream for you. All the hopeless looks, depression and gawking at people on social media will not motivate you. In actuality, it just pulls you away. It starts to put out that blazing fire you once had. Wasting time looking for a cheerleader, “followers” and a sign in the sky is pointless. This is  YOUR dream, so be your own DAMN cheerleader.  Expecting everyone to hop on the bandwagon is preposterous.   Do not expect some of the closest people to you to understand your dreams because its usually not for other people’s comprehension.  Looking for validation is a sure way to bury yourself alive.  Sending open invitations for unsolicited opinions is just UNNECESSARY.  Motivate your damn self. Write positive affirmations, get a notebook and listen to people that you admire. It’s not that hard.  Get out your own slump and keep hope alive.

*BUT, I will say a support system that can mentally empower you is a great asset.  The same circle you may “kick it” with might not fit the qualifications as “dream supporters” and you need to be accepting of that. Everything is not for everybody.


Do not cry for something that you do not want to work for.  Tantrums are not allowed in dream building.  Yes, there are disappointments and setbacks that are TOOLS for improvement and to keep you pushing.  How bad do you really want it? Was it even a dream? Our biggest dreams require us to PUT IN WORK , with a  heavy emphasis on WORK.  When I refer to work, I am not talking about trying something for a few months and quitting because it didn’t go your way.  Quitting and tantrums are synonymous. They both take place when something did not go your way and you want something to happen immediately.

Dreams are not “one hitta quittas” . (I had to laugh at that). There is a natural cycle that must take place. There is a thought, creating and manifesting process.  Most people who society admire have put in YEARS OR EVEN DECADES of HARD WORK to get to where they are. You are not exempt from the HARD WORK process honey.  Don’t expect greatness from mediocrity.

Are you ready to sacrifice?

This requires letting go things that serve as a distraction from you getting the job done, partying, excessive television watching, time wasted on social media, gossiping on the phone, cutting off people who drain you, investing financially in your dream and cutting back on what may take away from what you need to create your dream.  What are you willing to give in order to receive?

Are you ready to study?

Most of this entails READING and PRACTICING, no way around this one. Some of the best jewels are kept in books.  Take a few notes, review them and really study.  Hours are dedicated to perfecting a craft.  Practice and experiment with your dream because the goal is to be damn near flawless and continuously evolving.  Big dreams never have endings, the craving just increases to make it better.

Another way to study is to connect with people who you admire who are doing what you want to do. Pick their brains. I learned that people love talking about themselves. It comes fairly easy to most people and it makes them feel good that their dream has inspired someone. WIN WIN situation for everyone.

Are you ready to be with yourself and only yourself to make things happen?


You really must check yourself and look at what you are creating. Are you meeting your goals?  Are you mentally in a healthy place?  Are you scared to put yourself out there? What else can you do to make this dream official?  Self-evaluating yourself is healthy for you and YOUR DREAM. If you find this difficult, then you might need to talk with a business coach or mentor.

Quit waiting for something to happen and get to work.



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