Root Chakra: Rep Yo Set!

Key Words: Tribes, Family, Roots, Ritual, Habits, Money, Stability, Grounded, Ancestral, Survival etc.

The root chakra is part of "setting" the stone for your life.  It was the first chakra to develop while you were in your mother's womb up until the age of 7. Even though you may adjust certain things throughout your adult life, your personality has always been set from the very beginning of time.  This chakra main focus deals with family because family is the first tribe that you're introduced to when you enter this earthly realm and get "planted".  What type of family/tribe were you introduced to? 

Through this chakra you learn cultural norms of your family (immediate and non-immediate), this can include religion, cultural, neighborhood, society and regional practices. Self-empowerment and identifying who you are as a person take places here. Imagine root chakra behavior as people claiming what "hood" or city they're from, certain words/slangs used in parts of the world, dressing styles, family traditions, foods and the simplest things as how you keep your home.  Just like the old sayin, "Home is where the heart is," applies to the chakra.  How does your home life play into your life now?  Do you still do those things you were taught as a child?  Learning how to make your bed, doing the dishes, eating together as a family, making tv time family bonding time mannerisms, money management, values, morals,  receiving basic needs (shelter, water, food, love ) observing aduts coping with drugs, abuse, drinking for celebrations or woes are all things you observe during the root chakra. This is the learned behavior chakra whether what you experienced was beautiful or toxic. 

Survival, nurturing and a sense of "belonging" are also key focuses of this energy center. If you're a person that worries constantly about money and keeping your rent paid, this energy stems from the root chakra. If any of these areas aren't properly invested in, it can manifest as a person feeling/being all over the place, constantly living in their head instead of present reality, feelings of abandonment, instability in character/personality, fear of rejection, etc. 

In the physical body this may causes imbalances with your back, kidneys, legs, feet, reproductive organs, lower intestine, etc.

How has your root chakra been treating you?  Do you feel it's balanced or unbalanced?

Next week I'll be posting on how Childhood Affects the Spirit as part of the Root Chakra series :) 


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