Recycled Thoughts......Give Yourself a's ok

Stop complaining about not having time to relax and then turn around and feel guilty that you decided to have a little “Me Time”.

Oh the irony.

Sadly, it has been embedded in us that we always need to be doing something to occupy our time, especially women, but that's for another post. Then when we do decide to do absolute nothing for the day some of us may feel that 24 hours has been completely wasted.  That is a problem. Finding no issue with giving all of ourselves to people, situations, work, etc. and not taking time to recharge ourselves is BIG problem.  In order to keep going in life we need to take time to recharge because we will burn out.

Once we burn out things may start to happen to us that indicates we need to sit down:

  • Getting sick: you may start to catch colds, sinus infections, flu viruses, dis-eases, etc. When you’re not getting enough rest and taking time to properly feed yourself, the immunity system starts to weaken.
  • Mood Swings:  This usually happens when you’re constantly around people and giving to people and you don’t give yourself a break. You are prone to snapping on people, catching an instant attitude and your irritability level is on an all time high.
  • Lost feeling: this feeling usually happens when you’re constantly “busy” and you feel a major lost of time and you may be forgetful at this time as well.
  • You want to be alone but you keep giving more than your body allows.
  • Injuries, you may hurt yourself doing something that you always do.  This sign is basically telling you that you need to sit down and rest to heal yourself.  Too bad you have to get hurt to get you to sit down. (This happens to me all the time

We must see the importance in loving ourselves on a regular basis.  

Make time to do nothing.

Rest and charge up.

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  • I recently caught myself being hard on myself for “not doing anything”. Like today is a snow day from work and while I’m relaxing I’m thinking “you need to use this time to get xyz done” I’m realizing it’s okay to do nothing


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