Recycled Thoughts....Forgiveness is a Revolutionary Act

Forgiveness is so powerful, you might even scare yourself when you do it.  You will feel so much better that you released that toxic energy once you do it.  You might even laugh, because at the end of the day, holding grudges is petty.

Forgiving seems simple because it really is.  There is nothing wrong with being upset but some people make holding a grudge an “ART”. Some people can constantly replay the same shit over and over in their heads. It’s almost like getting addicted to holding onto hold familiar emotions that don’t make you feel good. The kind of addiction that can keep you sick.  The goal is to release stagnant energy, not bask in it.  Constantly, we prevent ourselves from moving forward in relationships with ourselves and other people all because of a “wrong doing” that happened in the past.

How has this really helped us?

Do we really gain something by not forgiving people?

Forgive, consciously send love and move on. It’s the only way.



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