Obsidian Rant

For those that are into crystals. We all have our personal faves.

Obsidian Bae who I affectionately call "Dark Knight" is one of my favorite. This stone is the equivalent of getting your edges snatched repeatedly.🤣It works hard and fast, which it's always recommended to work with this stone for short periods of time. Being the Super Scorpio that I am, I've worked with it longer (2-3 months longer👀) along with the stone Rose Quartz. Overall it helps with DEEEP emotional releasing, protection, psychic smog, past life lessons, grounding, etc. So if you have some emotions buried to the core of the earth Obsidian will pluck it out and throw it in your face for you to deal. This is the Huck from Scandal, your Auntie that keeps it too real, "clean up on aisle 9", "fuck shit up and leave" type of stone.  So drink plenty of water for the tears you'll be releasing (because you will be releasing those thug tears), have your journal nearby and a rose quartz to give you a hug. I have homies that give Obsidian the side eye, but it's not that bad, it's just the tough love crystal. I feel so much lighter after I work with this stone. What's your favorite stone?

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