Choice & Intention

Choice and intention are the power couple.

Life is tricky, brutal and beautiful.  It's everything and more.  There will never be just one current flow in your life.  Unexpected things happen, relationships change and sometimes death makes an appearance (this isn't just limited to people).

But what I have noticed within myself, and others is that you have a choice.  You can resist or you can flow.  Sometimes the flow is scary because you don't know where you're landing but you know a destination is ahead.

But what you may feel to realize is that flow comes with everything resistance does, tears, uncertainty, stirring internal feelings, wtf moments, losing and gaining simultaneously.  They both involve a grieving period. The key is to decide is how you will acknowledge it.  

So if you're struggling with something, just know that you have a choice and back that bitch up with some intentions. Ultimately you have the power to decide how your life will flow.

You can most definitely be sad, but if your ultimate goal is to be happy, then choose and incorporate things that will birth happiness from within.

Set the intention to be a happy being.

You can most definitely be stuck, but if your goal is to have momentum, you can choose to look at "stuck" moments as recovery periods.

Set intentions for your current status to serve as a launching pad.

You can most definitely be sick, but if your desire is to have wellness, you could choose to incorporate healthy decisions.

Set intentions for a healthy body and choose to eat some damn fresh vegetables.

In a world where it's pushed that you're powerless, I'm here to remind you that you have all the power. 

Just take it one moment at a time and know that transformation isn't an overnight process.

Choose something you really want for yourself, set your intentions and incorporate the necessary daily steps that are needed to get what you want.


What will you choose to do?






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