May 2019 Monthly Message

 "To have a choice to be who you wants to be, it's left up to me, my Mama and nem told me..." Liberation x OutKast

All these cards went pop pop pop out the deck.....clearly there's a message that needs to be given.

Anger/DNA/Balance-this energy might be a little intense, but that's expected when you're on the road to freedom. You may be wondering which way to go. There is anger that needs to be HAD and released. What's been bothering you on a soul level will eventually purge itself in an uncomfortable fashion.  Once you release that anger, it will be very clear on which direction you will go in. How can you make room for the new, if you're holding onto a bunch of old shit? Growth isn't always comfortable, cute or easy.  Whatever you've been programmed as a child that doesn't serve your adult self will be eradicated from your day to day. Think of the fire element as it burns and ignites a passion within you that makes you unstoppable. You're at that place, where whatever you want, you will get it. But in order to do that, you'll be addressing unhealthy family patterns that you carried into adulthood. Your family did the best they could with their own teachings, but now it's time to develop your own. As you get more into a balanced lifestyle of embracing your personal choices, it will create a ripple effect for the generations ahead of you.  Restore yourself this month so you can actively grab what's yours.  An exhausted spirit can't make shit happen.

Journal Prompts:

1. What toxic behaviors you inherited from your family do you need to release?

2.  Has holding in anger helped you or made things worst?

3. What routines do you need to incorporate to bring balance into your life?





  • Love this! I’ll be using this prompt to journal.

    Mia Blanchard
  • OMG! Right on point! Words can’t even express how this just touched me in so many ways! Thank you!


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