March 2019 Monthly Message


"Wake up, Wake up, Wake up it's the 1st of tha month...."

Happy March! Let's see what insight is in store for this month.

Some, none or all of the messages may resonate with you.

Temperance/Confidence/Pick & Choose-major decisions have to be made to bring harmony in your life. In order to get your life on the course that you want it to be on you have to be willing to let go of chaos. It won't be a pretty process, but it'll be necessary. Once you give yourself permission to strip away what no longer serves you, you'll be able to breathe better. As you go through these major changes before the spring hits, you must have confidence in the direction that you're moving in. Confidence will get you in doors that fear will keep you out of. This is the last shedding before spring kicks off at the end of the month.  Release the false illusions that you have of yourself. On the flip side, you have done the work and recognized the value of having balance in your life. You're learning when to sit back and when to take action. Being balanced in masculine and feminine energy will show out in different ways in your life.  Are you trying to force something to happen? Are you being too laid back about an issue? You may have been over indulging in some habit due to how you feel about yourself and now it's time to try something a little different.  The changes and steps that you're willing to make towards being more in alignment with your spirit and not what you think will LITERALLY save your life. Kiss that old shit goodbye.

Reflection Questions for March:

What areas have I grown in since Spring 2018?

What areas do I need to improve in?

What excuses do I need to throw in the trash that prevent me from tapping into my fullest potential?

What gifts, talents or skills do I need to unleash?

Enjoy your month and get ready for spring!



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