Letting Go Isn't Taking A Loss, Hello Spring

"Ain't no way I could be losin when I'm winning, losin when I'm winning....Gotta keep it boomin..." ~Big K.R.I.T. Keep It Boomin'


We're fresh into spring and I'm still high from the Big K.R.I.T. concert.  But today I just want to talk about nature and Letting Go.

We just left winter behind and laaaawd was it a long one, or maybe that was just me.  If you're into flowing with nature you will see that winter is the time for introspection. If you've ever experienced living in a place with ALL four seasons, you'll see that nature slows down to the point it seems like it has completely stopped in the winter.  The trees are bare, there isn't much moving around due to snow and cold ass weather.  This is also the time where you will notice that you're more emotional than usual and you may feel really sad.  There is a cleansing of the emotions that is taking place on the conscious and subconscious level.  This seems to be the famous time where people make New Year's Resolutions and they fail.  Yes they fail, you know why? They fail because the time wasn't taken to clear out what didn't work for them emotionally, physically and mentally. 

How can one possibly jump into planting seeds when there hasn't been an assessment of the previous seasons?  Winter is the season of letting go and clearing out.  Most people fear of letting go of things because they feel a sense of loss.

Letting go is the art of gaining, not losing.

Clinging onto what feels comfortable takes you further away from your abundance and has the potential to ruin your seeds before you plant them.

The spring is the time to plant the new seeds after you release.  Spring is the New Year, not January 1st.  My friend of Takiya said,

"People are going to be repeating the same lessons for another year if they don't release what they need to in the winter."

Those words scared the shit out me. lol.  I reflected on how many times I let things carry on I should've released in the winter. But when you know better, you do better right? Even though we can let go during any of the seasons, the winter makes it extra special and extra potent.

You win when you let go.

That's why clearing out is IMPORTANT because it assists with attracting things that are in total alignment for you. Holding onto old shit is like being constipated, forgetting to take out the trash or cramming two living rooms sets in one room, it makes difficulty for movement. 

So now that we've made it successfully to Mama Spring, (Hey boo hey) it's time to plant seeds (intentions for a pure space), water them (nurture your spirit) and give them sunlight (keep your inner power poppin and believe in what you plant).

Set your spring off proper and if you forgot to release some shit in winter, it's not too late to ask yourself these questions:

What hasn't worked for you since last spring?

Do you need to revamp some of your goals?

Is your circle feeding or draining you?

What habits do you need to drop or incorporate?

Happy Spring, plant your seeds and bloom :)







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  • Even though you are do much younger than me. You can see very clearly into my spirit. I thank you for this blog post. Letting go is one of my hardest things to do. I hold on and hold on because I’m afraid…but sometimes you have to get things go, so that you can grow.


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