I Just turned 7 in Human Design

Twas the year before my Saturn Return season (those who know know)...

October 2, 2016 and I was gifted a Human Design Reading with Kevone Fair of Activation Coaching.  I knew I was a Projector but I had no clue on what that really meant.  All I knew was that I wasn't an "energy type", needed rest and I had to wait for some invitation. 

The aura types in Human Design:


-Manifesting Generator




(just because you see Manifesting or Manifestor, it has nothing to do with intentions and manifesting a new car, so get that out your head now because all aura types can manifest) 


When I found out I was a Projector, I was pissssssssssssssed. The little information I knew regarding being a Projector was the complete opposite of how I operated and how this society operates.  But nonetheless, I was excited about my reading because who doesn't love a good reading.  I had also sat in on an Intro to Human Design workshop online and in person at a retreat taught by him and his wife Michelle Gaza, so I knew he knew his shit.

The reading actually surpassed my expectations and helped me transition into accepting being a Projector in Human Design.  So many things started to make sense on why certain things happened and why certain things didn't happen in my life. There were also a nice amount of things that needed to be redirected in my life.  That feeling of something being "off" was just me not operating in my design.

I learned so much about myself and actually got to experiment (still experimenting) and watch it unfold over 7 years because once you get activated through your reading, the seven deconditioning process starts.  Yes, you heard me. 7 years from the reading.  Just knowing your type doesn't start the process.  You need to know more than just your aura type and get acquainted with your unique blueprint.  Argue with your Mama.

This time period is how long it takes to pretty much reset and get acclimated to your design.  Many people think they can skip this process, I was one of those people, then life quickly shows you that you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Weeks (maybe months) prior to turning seven, something happened internally and I'm trying not to freak out, but I can't really put into words what I'm feeling.  But when the shift was FELT.  

Let me be clear, I've had 3 readings with Kevone and my life made more sense every time. 

My favorite thing about being a Projector is that I work well 1:1, hence all my services.  Throughout my entire life I have always enjoyed and felt like I blossomed in those type of settings. Human Design is uniquely layered in my opinion so I'm not going to try to even act like I can give you in depth insight with this lol.  Go to a professional! 

I do feel everyone should know their design and get a reading.  Oh and if you have children or close intimate relationships, this will also HELP immensely as well.

You ever feel misunderstood?  Go see Kevone and bring snacks to your reading. 

Check him out here 





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