How I Started Reading Cards....

The shit just happened.


Ok but seriously, I had gotten cards for myself in 2015.  I would pick them for myself and journal what insight I would receive by reading the meaning in the book.  I also started reading myself because I would get readings on a regular basis and sometimes I didn't feel like spending the money. Simple solution: Imani read yo damn self


In 2016, I got HEAVY into building my card collection.  If you have cards of your own, you know they come with books that tell you the meaning of each card. I would pick a card and flip through the book to see what each cards means. It was cute and fun at first since I enjoyed writing.  The thrill of writing on paper gets me hot! 


Until one day...

I was in this money saving messenger group on Facebook.  We kind of talked about everything and a little about money.  We did meditations, pulled cards and built a sisterhood.  It was dope!  The thing was when we pulled cards for each other we would pull cards and put pictures of the meaning in the messenger thread.  It was sort of a tedious task especially if one card has PAGES of messages and we were pulling more than one card per person. It was starting to annoy me and it was taking up too much space in my phone.  One particular night I wanted to pull cards for everyone with my new deck. I was also feeling "lazy" and over the whole flipping and snapping pictures of card meanings. This new deck had 72 cards and I ain't have time for all that page flipping.  So I said I wasn't using the book.


and that's when it happened....


I pulled someone cards and just "zoned out" and I was on point with it! I surprised myself because the person I read for was the quiet person in the group at the time and I didn't have anything to go off of.  


So that was a little boost for my self-esteem.  I always knew I would be reading people, but I didn't know WHEN or HOW because it seemed so far-fetched but so familiar at the same time.  

Then let's be real, I wasn't raised in a family where readings were a normal thing.  What would they think?  I mean my immediate family really weren't phased because they know me and I would pull cards for them from time to time.  But how do you tell people that you read cards?  


Reflecting back...


I can say that I've been reading people just through dreams.  I always had a few people that would hit me up about their dreams, especially my one Libra Big Sis!  She would really push me to read her dreams, "Come on I know you can do this!"

I was thinking to myself, "Damn she a little pushy, why does she think I can do this?"

4/5 years later I was able to see and grasp what she saw in me because after all people that are in tune with her intuitive nature can spot another reader from a mile away.

Ok back to the story....

After my little brief discovery of my gift.  I continued to read myself and we continued to have more card pulls in the group.  The more I practiced and trusted myself, the “clearer” the messages became.  I think at the end of 2016.  I started sending my close homies private messages telling them I offer “business readings” and basic readings because I wanted to try out some new card spreads and strengthen my gift even more.  Those business readings were on point if I must say so myself :)

Intuition is like a muscle, I had to work that thang to build its strength.  The more I worked it, the more it unlocked.  There messages started to flow, instead of sporadic moments of messages coming to me.

2017, I was moved to Atlanta and I had just HAD to get a reading since my energy was getting adjusted to the new city.  So my roommate connected me with a reader she raved about on the regular. She called him over and he was on point with a lot of things and my maternal Grandmother even came through him. I learned early on, she is very protective and particular that will only come through those that have the purest intentions. During the reading he said, “You’re supposed to be doing what I’m doing.  You can basically sit in a circle and talk to spirits.”

He wasn’t lying.

Spirits have always talked to me, I’ve seen a few and they talk to me.  Some have even spoken to me in different languages and I had to say, "English please."

As I have gotten older, the messages have smoothed out some because it use to be a gang of spirits that would run up on me and try to talk at the same time and I had to literally say "One at a time please!" I was just getting comfortable with that part of myself as well.   

TO BE CLEAR, spirits don’t talk to everybody so if you were to come to me asking for someone to come through in a reading, the spirit would have to feel comfortable to “talk” through me to you.  They’re selective as hell and they have a right to pick and choose.  The quickest way to get insight from your loved ones that have passed on it to “call them up yourself”.  They’ll answer if they feel you are ready for the messages.

The funny thing about readings is they’re confirmations and if you don’t listen or do the homework THE SAME DAMN MESSAGE WILL REPEAT ITSELF.  When your spirit guides and ancestors want you to GET THE MESSAGE, they will make sure YOU GET THE MESSAGE. I GOT THE MESSAGE loud an clear, "Start reading and get serious about it."

I was receiving the same message since I was 25 (now I’m 30) that I’m suppose to be reading people.  I received this message from my readings and my highly intuitive friends and after that reading it JUST CLICKED.  EVEN THOUGH I WAS STILL SHY AS HELL ABOUT IT, I made the conscious decision to pursue this more.  I went from sending messages to my friends if they wanted a reading, to shyly telling people I do readings, to fully announcing it like HEY I DO READINGS WOULD YOU LIKE ONE, THEY’RE ON MY SITE!

This also pushed me to make my own deck of cards.  I made my own deck of cards because I really didn’t want to “study” a deck and the book that came with it.  I must have a personal vendetta against tarot and oracle deck books.  I created a deck of cards that carried my uniqueness and were relatable for people to understand.  The messages on my cards are straight to the point for the most part. Making cards fed my artsy spirit and my intuitive woo woo. Once I had a decent amount of cards made (I think close to 42), I decided I was going to start reading people with them and add more images as I progressed with my readings.

This took time (not much) and pushing from my friends, another reason why YOUR CIRCLE IS SO IMPORTANT.  My roommate would straight tell people that came to the house OH IMANI DOES READINGS. I was excited and wanted to cringe at the same time because being put on the spot isn’t my favorite past time even though it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’m forever grateful for all my uncomfortable moments.

But I knew in order for me to grow into my spiritual gifts, I had to drop something.  Something I was supposed to DROP the year prior.  But fear and comfort zones will delay the real shit from taking place in your life.  Why do you think I talk about fears and comfort zones so much? Lol.  I’m going to say that the day I moved in February 2017 I received a vision that I was to STOP selling earrings by my 30th birthday.  I had eight months to get it out of my system. What a grace period :)

The more I started reading for people and doing guided meditations, the confirming dream came again in case I wanted to play cute and forget.  Septemember 2017,  I had two dreams that my earrings were in the trash.  I had to let go and throw it all away.  That phase BEEN OVER.  I set the date for the last collection because I have manners (most of the times) and I didn’t just want to stop without telling my loyal customers.  Then after that I would really indulge in my dreams 1000000% because I’m here to be a messenger in many forms.  Through readings, meditations, doula work, etc.

I knew I made the right decision to start doing readings because I made more money (more money is always a confirmation for me that I made the right decision letting of some habit, person or situation) and there is a sense of soul food when I assist my lovely clients. Another thing that I had to get comfortable with was saying things that came to me even if it made no damn sense lol.  I will straight up tell a client I'm seeing a purple unicorn and I have no idea what that means.  It's always good to share the unsureness because more than likely it will make sense to them or after some time has passed.  

My clients feel like family and I make it a point to make sure they receive from me what they’re seeking. CLARITY.  Truth is, most of my clients are intuitive as hell and sometimes we all need a little confirmation.  Hell, I still get readings from time to time.  Ain’t nothing wrong with a little clarity, confirmation and insight.

But I can say since I started doing readings I have noticed that there are other spiritual workers who don’t have the best interest of others.  Just like there’s dirty pastors, there are fraudulent energy workers who like to pry on the energy of others and feed their egos in the proceess.  There are energy workers who will tell you just enough or put you in a place of being needy of them.  I am not that person, I like to pass along tools and resources because when it comes to healing YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON that can heal yourself, do the work and make decisions that work for you. 

Below I share what to expect in a reading/energy report from myself and what to look for when you’re seeking a reader. 

What to expect from my energy reports/readings:

Why is it called energy reports? I call them energy reports because that’s all readings are they are based off of the energy that is being put of by the individual.  Energy doesn’t lie.

No Questions.  I don’t take too many questions, I practice the art of going with the flow and receiving what we need to hear at that given moment.

I’m not a timetable.  Predicting future events isn’t my thing, if something of the future comes up then I relay the message.  My style is mostly catered to what’s going in with the individual from an emotional/energetic standpoint.  Self-care is the theme because everything that you’re connected to starts with self.

Spirit Guides and Ancestors.  Your spirit guides or ancestors guide may come through the reading and deliver messages.  There are other forces in different realms that like to assist us with our waking life.

Process.  Energy reports take time, well actually I have to be in the zone to complete one. It’s sort of like a meditation for me.  I say a protective prayer and I get to relaying messages that comes through the cards or energies that pop in.  I don’t do that many energy reports a week because I like to keep my energy balanced.  I can’t serve people from an empty cup.  Readings and energy reports take energy and I make sure that my energy is up for every reading by making sure I am rested properly and WELL FED. Doing readings BURN food fast and doing one on an empty stomach isn’t the best idea for me or a client.

What to look for or consider when getting a reading from someone:

Energy.  Energy is everything.  Everyone can’t read for everyone.  If I get a client that I can’t read, let’s just say I will refund their monies or let them know I’m not able to do it.  I’m not in the practice of taking any ole body money.  When I say can’t read, that means our energies don’t match and it wouldn’t be complimentary. Plus, I’m not required to read for everyone because I’m not for everyone. Also, if you are looking to get a reading from myself or others and something doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to pursue any further.  You can politely excuse yourself and go back to minding your own business.

Testimonials.  Look for testimonials or ask can you be referred to a few clients that they have worked it. 

Be clear.  If there is something in particular that you are searching for then be intentional and be open to how the message comes.  If you are searching for clarity, peace, insight, ancestral connection, health, spiritual cleansing, etc., then connect to energy workers that specialize in that area.  There are soooooo many different readings.  I have had mediumship, tarot, astrology, human design, energy work, reiki, shells, etc.   They all provided something different that assisted me with unlocking more then about myself.  Readings have also encouraged me to dig deeper and research more knowledge of the things I have received because I’m a nerd like and being a true blue Scorpio, I need to know the depth of everything.

Observe.  Being that we are in a time where people aren’t transparent but they are posing as transparent, it is important to watch how people receive them and if you’re really aligned with their mission.  Trust me, I have had some experiences where people weren’t transparent and the end result was nothing pretty.

Process.  Every energy worker has a process.   What is their process?  Are you comfortable with their process? Wait time? Preparation (doing things before the reading)? 






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