Honoring the Phases

When impulsive behaviors and expectations go wrong.

This society has made everything such a quickie that we forget that there are steps that need to be taken before we reach the finish line. Hell! I tried to rush to the finish line plenty of times and only disappointed myself😂😂😂

I have heard many people COMPLAIN of not being where they want to be in life. "Where I want to be in life" has been falsely measured by age and material achievements. There is nothing wrong wanting better for yourself but if you find yourself in a constant state of comparison then you really need to stop and check yourself. (Tip: LOG the fuck off social media)

The reality is some goals take longer than others. We all have different timelines. So if you think that you're suppose to be at a certain point by 30, 40 or 50 then guess again. Life isn't an end goal, it is a journey of constantly learning and discovering. So what, if April got a popping business at 25 and James got a billion dollar business at 37. It's their personal journey and their timeline is different. If you skip some steps then you will find yourself assed out and unappreciative of what you're currently working on. Oh and if you have someone constantly in your ear telling you where you should be tell them politely to "honor my progress" or leave em alone altogether. You don't need that type of stress in your life.

Less complaining and comparison, more appreciating the process. Honor each moment, document your milestones and write lists of gratitude. Trust me, I know this is a hard thing to practice but it feels much better once you release that pressure you placed on yourself.


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