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In the spirit of Scorpio Season, we’re going to discuss sacral energy with one of the most sensual women I know, Tashia Ariel. I have known Tashia over the past 5 years and it’s been amazing to witness her growth as a woman, entrepreneur and mother. Since I’ve known her she has always been into women’s wellness and assisting women tap into their juiciness!


I got connected to Tashia through Facebook and we just clicked! We have traveled to retreats together, co-hosted webinars and I have had so much fun in her in-person and virtual dance classes. She is a Creatress of many talents; freelance writer (she can write a story that will have you wanting more), candle artisan, wellness brand representative, sensuality coach and still evolving within her greatness. But today, we’re going to talk with her about feminine energy.    


IA: Can you paint us a picture of what it means for a woman to be in tune with her feminine energy?


TA: Oh absolutely. A woman in tune with her feminine energy knows that everything flows through her.... and to her. There's a sense of ease and surrender that she embodies knowing that she doesn't have to toil, resist, fight or even "work hard" for the things she desires. The simple fact that she desires it is what helps magnetize it to her. A woman in tune with her feminine energy is just as open to receiving as she is to giving and nurturing. there's a beautiful balance between these two states that she dances within and benefits from. She also knows that her femininity never makes her "weak", but instead fills her up with inner confidence of her essence that naturally oozes out of her. 



IA: When did you fully awaken to your sensuality?  Were you always in tune with yourself?


TA: Whew, I feel like I've been in these sensual streets for a good minute! LOL. For me, I awakened to my sensuality pretty young. There were some things that happened in my life that opened me up to it a little sooner than most. I can remember the early days of awakening to this part of me as way back as when I first started my menses (at the age of 9-10). Experiencing my body develop through the stages of puberty kind of kickstarted it for me. With that said, I can say that I've always been in tune in some way. Now, of course, I didn't fully start owning my sensuality until I was about 20-22, which was when I started to become various photographers' muses in the realm of sensual modeling and nude modeling. THAT was when the journey got really interesting. 


IA: Are the women in your family tapped into their juiciness like you are? Have you ever received any backlash from those close to you for being in flow with your feminine energy?


TA: The answer to this question is going to blow peoples' mind but...no, I haven't experienced a lot women in my life tapped into their juiciness like I am. The closest women in my life that have exhibited their versions of femininity would definitely be my mother and maybe 1-2 one of my aunts. Other than that, I'm a new breed LOL. And based on my experiences with connecting to my ancestors on my maternal side, I realized that I'm more like them than my living relatives in that regard. It's something I got confirmation of a little over a year ago actually. I am the descendant of my line that gets to continue this work in this way as they couldn't finish in their time due to many factors. I am honestly still learning more about my family and am sure I'll uncover more women tapped into their juiciness in divine timing.


I've definitely received some backlash earlier in my 20's when I was doing sensual modeling. That was something that made me feel SO liberated, to the point where my family saw a good bit of my images that I posted via social media. They didn't understand why I wanted to pursue something like that. In more recent times, I received some subtle shade directed towards the type of lifestyle I desired (sexy, black, stay-at-home woman who draws in abundance from her juicy businesses from home) from both family and select friends because "I had a child now and my dreams needed to be put on the side" and "I needed to work hard to make sure my child was taken care of" and so many more opinions. When I was pregnant, those projections did get to me, but I had such a headstrong sense of determination and self-preservation to keep attracting what I desired that at some point, I didn't care what they thought. The funny thing about backlash is that it turns into praise when you prove them all wrong, haha. 



IA: You're the mother of a beautiful two-year-old and still considered a "new mom". How do you find time to tap into your juiciness in the realm of motherhood?


TA: Girl, let me tell you! Becoming a new mom really made me level up in my femininity and sensuality! After what I went through with the father of child earlier on in my pregnancy while also traveling back and forth to each side of the country, I realized that preserving my sensual self was really important. In many ways, it kept me sane! So I started to really cultivate this new level of sensuality during pregnancy in more practical ways. I started to infuse every aspect of my life with it! I knew that when my little one was birthed, I'd need that part of myself as healthy as possible so that I didn't fall into the "mother-only" role, because before conception I was a sensual woman already! 


Finding time to tap into my juiciness with a young child has made me appreciate the present moments way more than I did previously. I released the need to feel like I always needed several hours to tap back in with myself sensually. There were plenty of times that I made 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins or an hour (if I got lucky! which I do now) work in my favor. Finding time to tap into my juiciness is a self-commitment that I always strive to give myself. I deserve it.



IA: Many people instantly correlate the power of feminine energy with sex but how can being in tune with it effect your life outside of the bedroom?


TA: A woman evolving the power of her feminine energy beyond the bedroom can LITERALLY change her life! When that energy is also used as fuel to and pour into other parts of her life, she'll start to experience a shift in her reality that caters to HER desires. I'm a true testament to this a thousand times over! 


IA: There are many women who are totally lost when it comes to tapping into their feminine energy and you speak a lot about rituals. What is a simple ritual every woman can do to start to awaken their feminine energy?


TA: A simple ritual any woman can start doing to awaken her femininity is to dance dance DANCE. Taking the time to sensually move that bawdy without self-judgment will shift energy SO fast, as well as release any stagnant energy within her. Most songs last about 3-4 minutes, so sensual movement that is a length of a song can activate her in that short amount of time, guaranteed. 


IA: Did you always know that you would be working with women on an intimate level or did it just happen?  What is one of your favorite services that you offer?


TA: Deep down on some level, I've always known I would work with women but I didn't always know how that journey would unfold as I continued down this path. I just knew that I needed to flow in my purpose at all times, so that the way was always lit for me. 


One of my favorite services to offer right now is my Womb Magic Clearing Sessions and all the services I provide when women decide to indulge in my Pussy Package Offerings. It really lights me up! 



IA: Any additional words of wisdom you would like to share with our audience?


TA: Sure thing. Ladies, leaning more into your femininity is NEEDED! And know that your version of femininity and sensuality doesn't have to look like the masses. Life becomes really juicy and fruitful when you pour into yourself in this way. 


IA: I've enjoyed speaking with you on this topic and I'm sure our readers would like to know where they can find you.


TA: I enjoyed speaking with you too! The lovely readers can find me on Instagram under the handles @supernovahoney and @earthwindandfinds, on Facebook under Tashia Ariel and also by joining my private FB group called The Honey Coven. For more information, they can email me at honeydripsensuals@gmail.com. Thank you, Imani! 


Make sure you check out Tashia and spend more time cultivating your sensual energy 😊

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