Don't gaslight your intuition


Many of you are highly intuitive and you just need to embrace it. 

I've have seen and heard too many instances when people try to talk themselves out of what they're feeling or what they've seen.  Some of that is due to not wanting to face the truth, an innate programming to think your natural makeup is demonic, inner programming of being to be quiet or all of the above.

Your intuition ignites you to express your truth and that can come in many forms such as speaking, writing, art, etc.

But if you were told consciously and unconsciously that what you felt wasn't valid then it can cause you to second guess yourself or even talk yourself out of opportunities or the next steps part of your life journey.

Whenever you feel something and it feels strange, just sit with it.  Also know that your intuition has a purpose.

 Embrace your inner knowing.




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