Divine Skincare Talk with Lori Angel of Derm Appetit

Since we've been on the topic of the root chakra and the cold air is trying to abuse our skin during the colder months, I thought Lori Angel, BioScience Trained Skincare Esthetician and owner of Derm Appetit would be the perfect person to interview when it comes to rituals and skincare. I've been using her products on and off consistently (I'm being honest here) and I love them! Being a person that has sensitive skin, I was excited to try something new that didn't smell foreign. The moment I started using her products, I noticed results IMMEDIATELY.

I originally connected with Lori through Facebook and I would read her posts about skincare and they definitely influenced me to take better care of my skin, after all it's another branch in the self-care category.  At the time we connected, I didn't realize how much I needed a regimen and that I needed one ASAP! After reading her posts and blogs for a few months, I excitedly booked a consultation and it was so informative.  She gracefully checked me on the wrong things that most people do when it comes to DIY skincare and of course I was happily doing some of those things :) But when you know better, you do better! Lori has such a sweet energy and I walked away with more than just products, I had received simple daily things that I could incorporate with my skin type that would enhance my experience with Derm Appetit. 

Enough about my experience, let's get to know Lori Angel and her views on self-care through skincare.

IA: Tell us about yourself and what exactly is Derm Appetit?

Lori: I am Lori Angel, the conscious esthetician, the skincare alchemist, and the pore pastor.  I spend most of my days fighting skincare crime and sitting on the trials of skin that have been violated and domestically abused!  I am an advocate for divine femininity and all things Libra...I mean all things beautiful...which are really the same thing if you ask me.  I am into total wellness and health.  Skincare is my ministry and passion, it is how I teach the hearts and minds of all who are a vibrational match to me.  Derm Appetit is a church that one attends and they tithe to me.  In return they receive the blessing of clear and holistic skin.

IA: I love your truth and sense of humor! How did you get into skincare?  Did you know you would always be doing this?

Lori: I've been into skincare since I can remember.  My Mom worked for a cosmetic company and often brought home skincare items that would become my unofficial skincare brand by mixing them up and cocktailing them into my own.  I didn't know at that time I was creating what I was, I was just doing what came natural to me .

IA: Why is skincare important?  Why can't we just get by with soap and water?

Lori:  Skincare is important because it isn't a luxury, it is a necessity.  Our skin is the medium between the outer and inner worlds.  It is a barrier that protects what is inner and sacred.  When we neglect our skin, we don't feel as close to God as we could.  We need to connect ourselves to God through nature and one way to do this is to apply nature topically and once we do that it gets absorbed into our cells and we become one with nature!  We also rid ourselves of bacteria, debris and energy that collects on the surface of our skin and in biofields which is better known as our aura!

IA: What happens when we don't take care of our skin?

Lori: We don't age as gracefully as we could and we don't thrive as high as we should.  We don't feel as connected as we can and we don't look as fabulous as we should.  Our skin is the envelope of God and we must keep is clean and hydrated.  It is our largest organ and it needs to be nourished and healed just as much if not more as the other internal organs.

IA: What's your favorite beauty ritual?

Lori: My favorite ritual is the Vajacial.  It really means that you're taking the time to care for yourself and your skin when you give your yoni a facial treatment!  You are taking the time to be one with her by pampering her.  This is a very empowering skincare and beauty ritual that I recommend women of all ages after puberty engage in regularly.

IA: Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding skincare and beauty rituals?

Lori: Yes, we should not be too busy to pamper our skin and we should never be too cheap to invest in it!  For what we do to our sin, we are merely maintaining it for the next generation!  Garbage in, garbage out!  

IA: Thank you Lori for taking the time to educate us on the importance of skincare!

If you want to check out Lori's oasis of skincare and fancy living, you can check out her site 

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  • I like reading that I will be contacting her for skin care, my libra sister

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