How Childhood Can Affect the Adult Spirit

In honor of the root chakra, we're going to talk about childhood influences.....

If you're experiencing certain blockages, I'm going to point you in the direction of your childhood.  Infanthood and childhood is a very impressionable time and even though you weren't able to fully verbally communicate things as a baby, you still "felt" things.  Babies and children are highly intuitive because they're closer to she spirit realm than adults and they haven' been tainted by society yet.  In the previous post, I mentioned that the personality starts to form in the womb because you are a collection of your mother's and father's DNA. That DNA/energy holds the memories and behaviors of those before you.  Some of your personality was pre-determined, whatever your parents felt during pregnancy plays a major part in how you are today.  Your childhood experiences set the tone for how you relate, communicate and participate in LIFE on a conscious and unconscious level.  There are behaviors you do in adulthood that you're completely oblivious to that developed from your childhood.  The oblivious behaviors create more blockages and ongoing battles in your life. The behaviors you're aware of can also create disruptions as well if you don't work on correcting them. Some of the most common patterns are listed below:


  • Abandonment-if you've been left/neglected by parents, this may manifest as situations where its hard for you to get close to people, unintentionally and intentionally sabotage relationships, numb to feeling, can't sit still, attracted to people who abandon you in some form, always "on the run" from life or looking for love in the wrong places.
  • Harsh Words/Communication-if you've been criticized or verbally attacked it may show up in your adult life as avoiding conflict, demonstrating harsh behavior to others, always thinking bad things are happening to you and lacking a positive outlook on life.  If you were also silenced as a child, you may feel like your voice doesn't matter, lash out on others trying to be "heard", have a hard time creating boundaries and communicating needs/wants in your relationships.
  • Constant Validation-you may seek this if as a child you were always told what to do instead of being praised for making your own decisions.  As an adult you might seek to approval of others instead of trusting yourself.  On the flip side, you may have been ignored and you strive to do projects for praise but you never complete them because they don't align with your person truth. Searching for validation might also come from a parent making you feel like whatever you did was "never enough". Constant battles with your ego can take place as well because you aren't comfortable with who you really are.
  • Abuse-if you've been abused mentally, physically, or sexually this may come out as you being closed down sexually or losing yourself in the act of sex. It's a difference between enjoying sex and trying to escape through it. Abuse can also manifest as being imbalanced in your feminine and masculine energy.  There may be negative inner talk regarding self-worth or engagement in unhealthy sexual activities to chase what was taken away from you.  Lastly, it can also manifest as you abusing others by subconsciously trying to get back at the person that abused you.
  • Finances-if you were raised with the mentality, money don't grow on trees, money is the root of all evil or I'm always broke then it will show up in your life in a couple of ways or a combination of all three: You may lose money, cling to money or have a fear of it.  There is a different of being smart with money versus having a lack mentality. 
I'm sure if you reflect on some key experiences while growing up you can pinpoint how you developed your mannerisms of today. The truth is we all had some trauma(s) and at times they create friction with areas in our adult life.  It's up to you if you want to continue experiencing and harboring the blocks. The more you hold onto childhood traumas, the more you will recreate experiences from your youth.  Traumas leave imprints on the spirit and with work they can be released.  Childhood trauma can be healed/transformed by speaking with a professional, spiritual advisor, journaling, energy work, etc. In some cases, you will need to incorporate all the tools.  You have the power to change and rewrite the stories of your childhood.


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    I can relate to the abandonment issue,I have some work to do
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  • This is Phenomenal… there is such an innocence and sincerity that carries You’re Gift Imani… I Love, Honor and Appreciate You’re Spirit. 🙏🏿 Ase’…


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