Book Review: If the Buddha Dated by Charlotte Kasl, Ph.D

"The causes of troubled relationships and fears about dating, or giving oneself to love, are born in the stories we tell ourselves."~Charlotte Kasl, Ph. D author of If the Buddha Dated

Maaaaan this book is amazing!!!  This is one of those books that will grab you by the collar. It's an easy read with cute mini-chapters.  It's not a men do this and women do this while dating type of book.  This books focuses a person being a whole person for a relationship.  It hits every area of relationships, not the stereotypical she needs to cook and he needs to bring home the bacon. Many things get overlooked when it comes to relationships because so much is emphasized on a surface level when there are many levels to a relationship. I'm noticing that all relationships are built on a foundation and the key to that is two people secure within themselves FIRST.  If that isn't established then there isn't balance from jump.  

I'm not going to give the book away, but it definitely puts a lot of things into perspectives when it comes to relating to another individual when it comes to potential barriers, past influences, mind chatter, projections, etc.

But since I'm a nerd and have to take notes on everything I read, I'll share some of my favorite notes from the book below :)  It's at least 3 gems on every page!

  • "Most people don't think through their values, interests or dream before choosing a mate."
  • 'When we create distance from someone, we create distance within ourselves."
  • "Differences or conflict are embraced as something to solve, not cause for attack."
  • "Confront anything that kindles fear and anxiety."
  • "We can connect with someone without falling off our path."
  • "When you drop your mask, you invite others to do the same.  Some people will accept the invitation, others may run away--because they start to feel acutely aware of their own coverings."
  • "Our task on the spiritual path is to stop repeating the same old stories and realize we are inviting the people who prove our stories to be true."

Told y'all this book was good and it also has exercises for you to reflect on!  The best part is I got it for $5 at Half Priced Books! #winning



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  • This book was a game and life changer for me. I highly encourage those who read the book to do the exercises as well. In order for real change and transformation to happen in our lives requires effort on our parts. Applying what we learn in each experience is what brings about the change we want to have in our now.


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