August 2019 Monthly Message

Spirit was pretty blunt with this...

🦟Wasp Spirit/Pluto/Shugite-how are you going to roll with the punches? You might've experienced some shake ups and major now what? You've seen your ugly sides, you went deep into the abyss below the surface. Now that you're back up for air, what are you going to birth? You have the power, now it's time to strategize. Small periods of isolation are suggested to maintain clarity and focus. This is not the time to be searching for outside validation when it comes to your desires. This is the time to rise above the "weak shit" and get in the game.



  • So far away, even thru a phone feels like magic of words speaking to me. But I’m clear, it’s my reality. I’m done w/ this “weak shit” & I love yu for this. 😘

  • Definitely time to listen to my own voice. With that being said gotta get some folks out of my way which is so hard but necessary


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