April 2019 Monthly Message

"I don't want to give you the wrong impression, I need love & affection..." Love Song x Rihanna feat. Future

Venus/5 of Cups/Yes-big changes are ahead in your relationships.  This can be relationships with your lover, friends, family, etc.  Whatever isn't getting addressed, you might find it coming to the forefront this month. There is a need for you to get in tune with what your heart needs. The storm is calling you to release those unhealthy emotions that you have regarding love. Despite what society has embedded, traumas and heartaches, you deserve healthy loving relationships. You deserved to be loved. You deserve to be touched. You deserve to experience love in it's transformative power. ALL OF IT! There will be opportunities for you to be vulnerable if you haven't been lately. Trust yourself that it's ok to show people the love bug that you are, especially if you're the type that's always unbothered or closed off. Love is powerful, bold and unapologetic with how it flows. Don't deprive yourself from it's magical powers or try to talk yourself of out connecting with those that have your best interest. Your values are changing when it comes to how you love yourself and those that don't fit in that criteria will be released. Take a look at your self-love meter and see what needs to be incorporated when it comes to giving back to yourself. Remember self-love starts from within and radiates outwards to attract complimentary energy. There's no need to search high and low for someone to fill the voids that you need to fill yourself. This is also a  check-in to see if you've been receiving what you've been pouring out into people. Relationships that are holding on by a thread, will be cut off.  Some of it will be painful and some of it will be freeing. Stay true to yourself and don't be a prisoner in your own relationships.


Journal/Reflection Prompts

What do you really desire for yourself?

Do you find yourself running towards or away from love?

What thought pattern needs to be released regarding how you interact with others?

What do you value and is that reflected in your life?

Does your heart need to be cleansed of old hurts?



  • You are always right on time with the messages I need!! 💓

  • This right here POWERFUL!!!!! Hit the nail on the head! I needed to read this! Thank you for this and I will certainly be journaling.


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