Who cares how old you are! Are you growing?

Growing up has nothing to do with birthdays and older age (because we all know that one old head that could be doing better). It has to do with making the conscious decision to always put your mind, spirit and soul into a constant state of elevation. It's deciding to do the self-work and growing through it, because self work ain't easy nor does it feel pretty.

Growing up is:
-Drinking more water😂
-Working through childhood traumas
-Expanding your vision on life
-Identifying what doesn't work in your life and making necessary changes
-Honoring who you are as a person
-Pulling yourself out the mud
-Acknowledging the areas you need to grow in
-Releasing the victim mentality
-Mirror checking yourself, releasing the need to blame others
- Not projecting unhealed wounds onto others
-Being honest where you fucked up
-Being patient with yourself
-Removing the mask you wear for others
-Taking the armor off your heart that hardens you and blocks you from receiving
-Being Vulnerable

It's never too late to grow.

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