7 Ways to Indulge in Yourself

I hope you take the time to spoil yourself, because you deserve it DAMMIT! If you've forgotten how to get into your groove, I've provided some tips below to get you back into the swing of things.

Disclaimer: In order for any of these to work, you have to stop making excuses and make it happen.

Enjoy your own company. Some people have gotten so accustomed to being around people all the time, they forget to spend time alone. In other words, take yourself on a date and enjoy your own energy. You can do this by taking yourself out to eat, concert, movie, workshop, conference or on a trip to refresh your mind. This is also a good exercise for you if you feel you always need to have someone with you to go somewhere.

Pamper Yourself. You're touch deprived. One of the reasons, many people walk around with stiff ass energy is because they aren't being touched enough. I know they're some cases why people don't want to be touched, but once they work through the trauma, they still need touch. Touch is healing. Think about how good it feels when you get a warm long embrace or when you see children run around hugging and invading people's personal space. Just giving up all the loving vibes! Some ways you can incorporate touch more into your life is by getting massages, hugging people longer, manicures, pedicures, etc. If you're very selective about people touching you, then grab your favorite body butter and massage your feet. It's so relaxing, especially if you do it before bed! 

Redesign Your Space. Your environment effects your mood.  Does your space bring you joy? Do the colors in your frequented spaces calm you? Are you excited to come home? Does your living room need some new pillows or accent pieces? Your space is also a reflection of you. Make sure you take the time to make your spaces sacred, warm and inviting to YOU. Don't overwhelm yourself, start with one room at a time. You can get inspiration from Pinterest, YouTube, HGTV, magazines, books, etc. This is a fun opportunity to tap into your personal home design style.

Get Some Rest. Another mood killer, lack of rest. Many of us have been programmed that sleeping in later means you're "lazy". If you need permission to be "lazy", you have my blessing! Have you noticed how you look when you get more rest? Getting more sleep means more dreams, clearer skin, energy increase and you're able to approach tasks and projects with a fresh mind. Of course there are times where you'll be required be awake for longer periods of times. But what can you do now to increase rest time? Do you need to hire a babysitter?  Cut back on extracurricular overload? Do you need to start saying NO and releasing the fear of disappointing people?  Can you incorporate a 30 minute nap? Do you have to plan everything on that certain Saturday? Be mindful of creating schedules that rob you of your rest.

Cooking. Do you cook with love and passion? Have you ever tasted the energy in someone's food and you just know they put their heart into it?  Do that for yourself. You might want to switch up from making the same recipes and try something new. Research different recipes from different cultures and put your own spin on it. You deserve to try different things.  Take it a step further and make a pretty plate presentation. If you end up messing up the recipe, don't freak out. Laugh at yourself and take yourself out to eat. 

Check that Mental Health. Mental health is the new sexy. If you know something is off then go ahead to talk to someone professionally. Also, if you need to talk to someone because you've been through some things, adjusting to life transitions and need to have a check in then talking to a counselor or therapist will be beneficial you. Mental health is another form of self-care that gets overlooked. It's not solely based on baths and massages. Where you are mentally effects everything around you from your closest relationships, finances, decision making process, etc.

Educate Yourself. Feed your mind. Learning does not stop in your early 20s. When you view life as one big school, then you know learning never stops. If you ever feel like you should be doing more; YOU ARE. There is always something new that you can be acquiring knowledge on. You can be perfecting your craft, learning a new skill or improving in areas that you're already performing well in. Enroll in a class, internet course or something expands your intellectual skills. Your reality is only as big as your perception. Are there any new topics you can research? Cultures? Money? Spiritual Growth? Fashion? There are so many things that you can explore. Don't limit yourself and feed your curiosity. In this age you can expand your wisdom by what feeds your learning style. They're regular books, audiobooks, online courses, interactive workshops, magazines, etc.

Let me know how you will start indulging into yourself on a regular basis below.























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