7 Ways to Focus Your Meditation

First things first, remember when you first start meditating your mind will wonder, so let the thoughts come and pass.  Below are 7 tips to help you with focusing on meditating.

1. Breathe-Close your eyes and focus on your inhale and exhale.  Are you breathing too hard? Is your breathing shallow? Take the time to slow down your thoughts.  Your breath is a sign of how your emotions are flowing.  Do this as long as you can without putting a time limit.  If you want a challenge, set a five minute timer and see what happens.

2. Nature-You can google all over internet and see the benefits of being in nature.  Find you a state park or local body of water and take yourself on a walk, sit in a space that is peaceful and LET insight come to you about something that's been on your mind.

3. Crystals/Gemstones/Rocks-Grab your favorite crystal or item from nature, pray over it and set your intentions.  Close your eyes and hold the crystal or rock in your hand as you meditate on your intentions.

4. YouTube-if the whole sitting in silence thing isn't working for you, then go on YouTube! Search for guided meditations, healing frequencies or nature sounds to keep your mind focused while you sit and breathe.

5. Journaling-writing is a form of meditation and it's an excellent way for you to empty your thoughts on the pages of your journal/notebook.  More than likely, while you're writing you will start to feel lighter and find some clarity.

6.  Candle Meditation- light a candle and focus on the flame for as long as you can and close your eyes.  Yes it might feel a little trippy and you might get a warm sensation. Use the "flame" in your mind to burn things away that you need to let go of.

7. Partner Up-call up a buddy so y'all can get it poppin'! Invite people that are open to meditating to join you!  The beauty of this is you can do this in person, over the phone or via computer program.  Set an intention together, close your eyes, set a timer and afterwards share your experiences.

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  • Wow! Thank you for sharing these tips Queen. I will definitely put them to use. Often times I meditate with my nieces and nephews. Thus far it has been very effective.

    Taye Uhuru

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