3 Simple Ways to Reset Your Energy Daily

  • Spiritual Hygiene 101

You need to reset daily because you come across so many energies daily in person, long distance, thinking and consuming impressions via the internet, tv, phone, etc.

3 Simple ways to reset your energy:


Make noise! Negative energy doesn't like the sound of loud or high pitch noises.  You can clap your hands around your aura, play a singing bowl, ring a bell, get some chimes, blow a whistle, etc.  You have many options you can utilize to break up the energy around you.

Visualization Meditation!  Imagine a white light (or pick your power color) going around your aura and set the intention for protection from anything that doesn't serve your higher good.

Crystal Babies! Yes certain gemstones are great for protection and transforming negative energy.  Some of those stones are Black Tourmaline, Jet, Selenite, Citrine, etc.  Google protection gemstones and use your intuition to let you know which one resonates.


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