Writer's Delight ....

Writer's Delight ....

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May 29th-June 13th

Beginner Friendly :)

Writer's Delight is a 22-Day experience where you will journal and express yourself through creative writing and journaling.

It's basically if Creative Writing, Unicorns and Journaling and Someone pushing you on stage Had a Baby :)

Every journey I create is intentional! Writer's Delight will be starting during Gemini season.  This energy is great for writing, speaking, creating and giving your mind some relief from mental stimulation. 

We'll also be starting on a Wednesday, which is Mercury day.  Mercury days are great from communicating :) So if you need to have some good ole conversations with people, schedule it on Wednesday and see how it goes.

This creative journey is going to be focused on writing and speaking! S/O to the throat chakra!  For 22-days you can choose from various journal and creative prompts to stimulate and relax your mind.  All participants will receive a PDF of writing prompts and a support group.  I'll also be throwing in some Throat Chakra Reiki for participants because why not :)

This journey is beginner friendly and self-paced. Grab you a fresh notebook or journal! 

We start Wednesday, May 29th.

All participants will need a notebook or journal to complete this journey and will receive a PDF via with writing prompts Tuesday, May 28th.  

Community support via GroupMe will also be provided.