Pranic Healing Session

Pranic Healing Session

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Day of Your Session: You will be asked to refrain from drugs, alcohol and conscious altering substances. After your session, you will asked to not shower or bathe for 12hrs. This helps the energy to full integrate in your aura field. You'll be reminded of this the night before your session.

Pranic Healing is a gentle form of energy work focused on cord cutting, sweeping, cleansing and energizing the energetic body. What I like about this modality is that they're certain protocols for particular ailments/imbalances/dis-eases.

Anything you experience in the physical, started first in the spiritual/energetic body.

Pranic is great for overall energy maintenance but it's also beneficial (but not limited to) if you experience:


💔traumas (abuse, loss, violence, etc.)
🧼needing an energetic cleansing
🤓vision discomfort
🔴reproductive issues
🧠mental imbalances (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.)
💫auto immune imbalances
🛌🏾surgery recovery
🦴musculoskeletal (arthritis, back pain, etc.)
❤emotional distress (shame, guilt, etc)
.....or anywhere else where you feel imbalanced you would greatly benefit.

Pranic Sessions are done distant unless you're in Austin, TX and then we can make arrangements.

Packages are also offered, if you want to experience ongoing sessions. Once your sessions is paid for, you'll be emailed a confidential wellness form.

Package Paid in Full $265.00

Package Payment Plan: $273, with bi-weekly payments of $91.