2 oz. Spiritual Baths

2 oz. Spiritual Baths

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This 2oz size contains enough for 1-2 soaks. 


*NEW*Cord Cut-cutting energetic cords that no longer serve you.  Cords can be from past lovers, friends, jobs, situations, generational blockages, habits/energies that are holding you back from moving forward.


Blessings(Lime Scented)-road opening, gratitude, intentions, expansion, abundant flow of all areas in life. Be ready for the unexpected gifts.

Jupiter Bath(Lime Scented Tones)-expansion, higher learning, long distance, travel, optimism, luck, love, money, assisting with thinking out of the box.


Love Syrup (Vanilla/Jasmine scented tones)-attracting love energy into your space, self-love, forgiveness, breakups and makeups.



Money Mayhem-(Lemon/Vanilla scented tones)money bath, wealth, finances, abundance, protection.



Womb Kiss-(Lemon scented tones)cleansing, protecting and loving on the womb space.