Summer Solstice Offerings

Summer Solstice Offerings

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Limited Spacing.

All energy work sessions and readings must be used within 90 days of purchase.

NO Refunds.

Cord Cutting Session: this session uses Pranic Healing to cut cords from 11 chakras.  All you need to do is lie down in a comfortable position. This is a distant energy session that will last 10-15 minutes. 

Full Pranic Session: This session is tailored to your individual needs.  This Pranic Session includes Cord Cutting, Sweeping and Energizing of your 11 chakras.  This distant energy session can lasts from 45-60 minutes depending on the protocol and energy of the receiver.  You will be contacted and sent a schedule link via email. If you're pregnant, go with the Reiki option. 

20-Minute Reiki: This 20-minute session is a distant Reiki session.  Receiver will need to lie down and be in a comfortable position undisturbed, for the scheduled time.  If you feel you need something longer (60 minutes), and would like intuitive messages, book a regular REIKI session and use the code MOMMY (if you're a mom or caregiver) at checkout.

One Card Mini Energy Report: This is an email version of a reading.  You're allowed to submit ONE question to or see what messages spirit have for you.  All mini reports will be emailed within 7-10 business days.

*Once purchased, availability will be sent via email.