Cooch Clearing Session

Cooch Clearing Session

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In honor of women's month, I'll be offering Cooch Energy Cleanses.  Our womb holds so much energy, memory and imprints from our lives and the women that came before us.  Pranic Healing will be the form of energy work that is used, all sessions will come with cord cutting, deep cleanse of the chakra and any additional energy work that your body requires. Sessions typically run 40-minutes and are distant. This is distant energy work, which means, you get into a state of receiving while being in the comfort of your own home.

Once you choose your date and submit payment, I will email you preparation steps.




You'll benefit from this cleanse if you've experienced any of the following:

-hormonal imbalances








-Trauma (rape, abuse, violations)

-Sexual Repression/Disconnected from Sexual & Sensual Nature

-Need to release cords and energy from past partners/lovers

-Lacking creativity

-Imbalanced Cycles

-Need an overall refreshing and much more