Fall Reading 40-Minute Sessions for September 17th-November 10th

Fall Reading 40-Minute Sessions for September 17th-November 10th

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Book your reading between September 17th-November 10th.

All sessions will take place over the phone or can be used as an energy report.

Intuitive readings to gain clarity, insight and whatever message Spirit has for you.

Please come prepared with intention, questions and be properly hydrated for your session.  Readings can also be used if you need spiritual guidance and assistance on your personal journey.  No extra guess are allowed during your session, please make sure you're in a space where you'll be undisturbed.

Make sure you include your phone number and an email that you check consistently.

All readings are 40 minutes.

After you purchase your reading, click the link below to schedule your session. 


No Refunds

Only 7 slots available.

Readings will only take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.


****If you want an energy report. Place an order and still pick the day you would like to receive it on the calendar. Email me 3-4 questions 72hrs prior your appointment if you have any.