Reiki Masters Program

Reiki Masters Program

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Attunement Class

Location: TBA

11-3pm EST (time my run a little over) 

No children allowed

Paid in Full: $850.00

Payment Plan: $900.00

Once deposit is made, biweekly payments start immediately.

70% (5 payments) of balance must be paid to attend attunement class.


The Reiki Masters Program is a 9-12 month program that includes attunement, Masters support/coaching, classes and exercises to deepen and strengthen personal development with Reiki & subtle energy.


-attuned in Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 (must provide proof if not attuned by me)
-sat with Reiki 2 energy for minimum of 365 days/1 year
-submit 3 testimonies from a client to (can be formal testimonies, screenshots, texts, emailed, etc.)
-minimum of 20 full sessions completed before Reiki Masters Attunement Class
(5 of those sessions must be distant)
-be familiar with your symbols
*Reiki 3 will require you to attune a student in Reiki 1 and teach a Reiki Class